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PK Meat &

Welcome to PK Meat & Food Company the premium brand of frozen foods in Pakistan. We are the only frozen food company that is offering ready-to-cook & partially cooked mouthwatering delicacies in Mutton, Beef & Chicken. Maintaining and delivering the highest quality is paramount to us and the frozen foods produced by PK meat are recognized for their superior quality. Every step of our operations is geared towards continued access to livestock resources, so carefully managing livestocks are vital to us.

In consequence, we are renowned in the industry as a responsible company to whom sustainable development is a natural and vital part of our day-to-day operations. With the support of our highly skilled and committed workforce we continue to take the required steps to help lead the frozen food industry on a sustainable path. We are situated on the outskirts of a busy metropolis; Karachi. Our processing plant is installed with the state-of-the-art processing and packaging units using hygienic and automated methods. In order to maintain high quality standards top professionals are hired, who ensure the meat & plant are kept completely free from contamination. We are an ISO 22000 and HACCP certified company and we follow 100% Halal slaughtering methods. Our ready-to-cook and partially cooked recipes are offered in diverse and delicious varieties, including burgers, chapli kebabs, shish kebabs, meatballs, mincemeat, sausages, shami kabab, sheekh kabab as well as coated products such as chicken nuggets, chicken popcorn, crispy chicken burger and chicken fillet.

Our Core Values:

  • We deliver absolute quality
  • We are passionate about our customers' health
  • Our technology is our source of accomplishment
  • Our people are our source of success

Our Products

Ready-to-Cook Products

The ingredients used at PK are carefully analyzed for their freshness and are mixed in just the right amount of proportions to give our consumers the taste and aroma for the very best dining experience.
The most optimum measures are taken for retaining the nutritional value of the food so that consumers can enjoy our wholesome meals every time.

Ready-to-Eat Products

Kids Delicacy Products

Crispy Coated Products

Flour Products

Vegetable Products

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Meat Processing

Meat Processing Image


Equipped with two most-modern, state of the art slaughter-houses for mutton and beef. Prior to slaughtering, the Animals are rested under a shed for at least 48 hours to release stress for better meat quality. A blood test is then taken by certified veterinarians and tested at our Microbiological and Chemical Laboratory, equipped with the most modern and efficient equipment related to the industry to ensure that the animals are not infected. After lab approval, each certified animal is thoroughly washed to prevent bacteria and germs from entering the slaughter house.



Using most modern practices the Premium meat is then Blast Frozen at minus 40 degrees, ready to be used at the food processing unit.

Meat Processing Image
hand and show stralizing
hand and show stralizing
hand and show stralizing
hand and show stralizing
hand and show stralizing


Before entering the premises a mandatory procedure is to be followed by all, which includes wearing the right attire, followed by a
Sterilization process where each person entering needs to first sterilize their hands, followed by their feet, this process is best of its
class in the industry as per international food safety standards.

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Straight from the storage, the frozen meat, Beef, Mutton and Chicken is placed on an automatic conveyor and passed through a metal and Bone Detector. This phase of the process is extremely important to avoid choking hazards.
  The meat is then transferred to the automated flaking machine to chop the meat into smaller flakes for the Grinding process. As you may see there is absolutely no Human touch involved to this or any of the processes as we move forward.

Meat Grinding and Ingredient Mixing:

In this process meat flakes are minced in the grinding machines according to the recipes, after that sausages and nuggets are grinded. Quantity of meatballs and chapli kebabs are measured by automated programming.

Meat Grinding adn Ingredient Mixing


To prepare Sausages, nuggets, sheesh kebabs and meatballs, minced meat is transferred into the bowl chopper and mixing unit where spices of fine quality are mixed with it. Then the mixture is transferred to the vacuum filler where the sausages get their shape, then sausages are kept in a smoke house and the samples that do not meet the international quality standards are filtered out.
  After grating, mixture is sent to the formic machine where the products get their shape and then they are fried or partially cooked. Right after the cooking, quick freezing technique is used to freeze the partially cooked products individually by the help of latest spiral freezing technology, trusted by food scientists worldwide.


After spiral freezing products are transferred to the automated packaging unit, where after checking the weight of each and every sealed pack and box, they are stored in a cold storeroom at a temperature of -20 degrees centigrade.

Free from flavors, artificial colors and preservatives these products are now ready, which are distributed by the help of temperature controlled imported vehicles in all over Pakistan and our products are available in every leading store of the country.

This is how we fulfill our promise of providing you with hygienic and nutritious food and this is the secret to our delicious and quality products.

PK Livestock
PK Live Stock

PK Livestock is one of the leading producer of quality export beef and mutton and it is proud of providing high quality nutritious meat to its customers across the Gulf region and worldwide.

PK in an ISO9002, HACCP certified company. Using Australian technology, our beef and mutton plants are equipped with the most up-dated systems available.

The meat processing chain starts at the gate and PK puts great emphasis on selecting only young healthy animals for delivery to the plant. Slaughtering takes place under strict veterinary supervision.

Our beef plant is designed and installed by technicians from Australia and our production line is comparable to any in the region. Our technically advanced system minimizes the handling of carcasses ensuring a more hygienic product. Moreover, our mutton plant uses the modern inverted system renowned for its carcass quality. The plant also comes with a steamed vacuum cleaner which further cleans the carcass. The sheep and goat carcasses are chilled and stock netted ready for transportation.

We have a team of laboratory scientists testing not only meat quality but also things such as air and water quality. Our Quality Assurance officer’s monitors and records all the functions of the export process ensuring hygiene standards and documentation procedures are administered appropriately.

Our transport fleet allows control of incoming livestock movements and outgoing meat exports. Transportation of meat is carried out using the PK fleet of refrigerated containers.


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Contact Information


Factory & Head Office: National Highway, Razzaqabad Distt. Malir, Karachi, Pakistan.

Regional Offices:

Lahore: Office No. 14-15, Second Floor, Hill View Arcade, 5 Davis Road Lahore.
Rawalpindi: House No. 197, Street No. 11, Mohala Hafizabad, Dhoke Hassu, Rawalpindi.

Phone Number:

Factory & Head Office: +92 21 34100983-86

Regional Offices:

Lahore: +92 42 3631 0647
Rawalpindi: +92 51 5181 975



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